fbook003: FOUNDATIONS OF PROGRESSIVE EDUCATION History of the Nat. Froebel Society. Second-hand book


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This is one of the most re-affirming books on progressive Froebelian education that has ever been written. Every page has a resounding 'yes' that shows the Froebelian pedagogy, as it uniquely evolved in the UK into 'progressive Froebelianism', has stood the test of time. It's an absolute 'must read' for all Froebelians, to discover that the guiding principles of the movement are as relevant today as they have ever been, forming the underpinning essence of good quality early years (and primary) education that we all believe in so passionately.

The book recounts the story of a handful of people who changed British Education. These people, mostly young women, were members of a society which tried to put into practice the educational philosophy and principles of Friedrich Froebel. Following his ideas, they believed that a child's intellectual, spiritual and physical development came about through the child's own endeavours, that play was an integral part of the learning process and that every child, regardless of ability, was important.

Through their founding of the Kindergarten movement in Great Britain, and through constant lobbying of successive ministers of education, these women and their society, The National Froebel Society, were able without doubt to fundamentally influence the evolution of education in this country.

These books are hard to obtain and these copies are 'Good' second-hand editions with dust-jackets (or facsimile copies of the dust-jacket) in good condition. There may be an inscription, and occasional underlining or notes within the text and/or highlighting. They may be ex-library, so some stamps and wear. However they are suitable for any bookshelf display containing classic Froebelian works.

Joachim Liebschner 1991 hardback illustrated
The Lutterworth Press