Froebel Networks Gathering
23rd April 2022

Book now for our first 'face-to-face' Gathering since 2019!


Welcome to the Froebel Network

The National Froebel Network in the UK follows a long tradition dating back to the formation of the Froebel Society in 1874. This joined with the Froebel Union to form the National Froebel Foundation in 1938. In 2011 the NFF launched the Froebel Network before becoming part of the Froebel Trust.

The Froebel Network continues as the national association for all those involved in Froebelian Education in the UK.
The Network  welcomes requests to join from all those who are undertaking or who have completed a course accredited by the Froebel Trust. Currently these courses are run by the Edinburgh Froebel Network (through the University of Edinburgh), the Certificate course run by University of Roehampton and the Short Courses delivered by the Froebel Trust at local centres through the Travelling Tutor Network. 

A Froebelian approach

Froebelian Education encompasses an approach to education that is child-centred and allows children to learn through purposeful activity and discovery. An education where learning is meaningful and connected. An environment that inspires, nurtures and fosters a child's imagination, creativity and thirst for learning. An approach that encourages children to think for themselves and makes good use of learning through the natural environment.
The approach is not age restricted and in the UK there has been a long tradition of a Froebelian approach to education not only in the early years but throughout the primary phase and beyond.

Join the growing Network....

The Network is the place for all Froebel trained practitioners (and those undertaking training)  to stay in touch, share news, training and conferences and to promote good practice and share ideas. The Network keeps in touch by email through a newsletter and interim updates.  If you are undertaking or have completed accredited Froebelian training, simply complete a simple application using the  Join the Network button. There is currently no charge for membership.

Network Facebook groupThe Network also has a Facebook group to provide a more interactive forum to exchange ideas, ask questions and let others know about training and conferences in which others with a shared interest may be interested. Join the Facebook group and keep in touch with others in the Network. Email to say you'd like to join the Network and we'll send you a link to the Facebook group by email.