fbook001: THE CHILDREN'S FOREST: Stories & songs, wild food, crafts & celebrations all year round


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Celebrating the Froebelian philosophy of learning by doing, this book weaves together direct experience in nature with the richness of the imagination: the perfect companion to help spark children's love of the outdoors.

Inspired by the Froebelian approach at Annan, the Froebel School, authors Dawn Casey, Anna Richardson and Helen d'Ascoli have produced a rich treasury of seasonal stories and songs, natural crafts and outdoor games, animal, tree and plant lore, wild food recipes, meditation and ceremonies. Celebrating the essence of the changing seasons, chapters follow the cycle of the sun through the year, offering activities that nurture a lifelong love of the natural world.
  • Follow hidden tracks, build a shelter, carve an elder fire stick, sew a woollen cloak, and practice the art of deep listening...
  • Cook dandelion drop-scones, make daisy ointment, drink herbal infusions, sip honeysuckle honey, brew rose-hip tea
  • Welcome the summer with song, play the waggle-dance game, make a hazelnut mouse
  • Play secret squirrels and hibernating hedgehogs, dance the bramble-reel, make a broom from birch twigs
Ideal for children 3-12, families, teachers, Forest Schools and anyone else who loves trees.

Published by: Hawthorn Press 2019 paperback 334pp

Published price £28.99