f095 Gift 9 (top up set)


Category Froebel gifts

Top up gift nine with matching half-rings. 72 half rings-rings in total. 36 half-rings external diameter 46 mm, 36 half-rings external diameter 34 mm. 6 pieces per diameter in the colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet.

Please note - this set is supplied in a plastic bag as a top-up to the whole-ring boxed set of 144 rings (Gift 9).


These are authentic SINA products. All SINA products are entirely “Made in Germany”. SINA products are made from beech wood - reducing splintering and thus the risk of children being injured.The wooden toymakers at work in the SINA production facility in Neuhausen/Erzgebirge are not only masters of their craft but also highly skilled at combining the traditional and the modern.