Complete Set of Gifts 1 to 10


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Category Froebel gifts
A complete set of Gifts 1 to 10
Froebel Gift 1 The demonstration Gift of 6 crocheted balls in rainbow colours
Froebel Gift 2 The demonstration Gift of the ball, cylinder and cube
Froebel Gift 3 The first building Gift
Froebel Gift 4 The second building Gift
Froebel Gift 5 The third building Gift
Froebel Gift 6 The final building Gift
Froebel Gift 7 The flat shape (parquetry) Gift
Froebel Gift 8 The stick laying Gift
Froebel Gift 9 The ring Gift
Froebel Gift 10 The ‘point’ Gift

In addition a free top-up set of Gift 9 ‘half-rings’ will be included (£19.95 if bought separately) 

All Gifts come in their own hardwood boxes with sliding lids

See individual Gift descriptions for full details of each gift.

The Gifts may be dispatched in more than 1 parcel and some items may take up to 2 weeks.