UK School’s minister challenges core Froebelian principle of ‘child-centred learning’

Nick Gibb MP, Minister of State for School Standards, gives the UK Government's view on "teacher-led instruction" versus "child-centred learning". The speech was given to the Education World Forum on 24 January 2017 as part of Policy: Teaching and School Leadership - What the Government is doing. His speech in entitled: Nick Gibb: the evidence in favour of teacher-led instruction.

I believe passionately in all that we know about how children learn, particularly from a Froebelian perspective. Some of you may not have seen the speech but I think that its content it of great concern as it explains the UK Government's current policy thinking from the Schools Minister himself. I give below a link to the transcript of the address without further comment.

Transcript of the speech: Nick Gibb: the evidence in favour of teacher-led instruction