fbook006: A CHILD'S WORK: Freedom and Guidance in Froebel's Educational Theory and Practice


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By Joachim Liebschner   2001 Paperback edition

Still regarded by many as the definitive work on Froebel's Educational theory, and how it was interpreted into Froebelian practice in the United Kingdom.
The concept of Freedom and Guidance underpins much of the Froebelian approach and this too, is the underlying theme of the book which explores Froebel's changing theories on play, the gifts, the movement games and occupations and the mother songs. Criticisms of Froebel's work are examined before considering the contribution of Froebel's ideas to educational thinking today.

Joachim Liebschner was the leading authority of Froebelian education in the UK until his death in 2012. He lectured on Froebel worldwide, was  lecturer at the Froebel Educational Institute and a Trustee of the former National Froebel Foundation.

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