f011 Gift 1B Beechwood Balls


Category Froebel gifts
6 beechwood balls in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. Diameter: 50 mm.

Although not one of the original Gifts, these beautiful wooden balls were introduced soon afterwards to demonstrate the transformation from the crocheted balls of Gift 1 to the solid sphere (ball) of Gift 2. A good example of Froebel's law of opposites.
The balls are coloured to match the crocheted balls of Gift 1 and are a versatile resource for exploring the characteristics of a ball, such as rolling, what happens when they strike each other (like in the game of bowls) or knocking things down (like in skittles). Can also be used as a form of beauty in creative structures. Knowledge, Life, Beauty all in one box!

These are authentic SINA products. All SINA products are entirely “Made in Germany”. SINA products are made from beech wood - reducing splintering and thus the risk of children being injured.The wooden toymakers at work in the SINA production facility in Neuhausen/Erzgebirge are not only masters of their craft but also highly skilled at combining the traditional and the modern