"Falling into disuse": the rise and fall of Froebelian mathematical folding within British kindergartens

Making extensive uses of the Froebel Archive, Michael Friedman looks at the examination syllabi and examination papers of the National Froebel Union at the end of the nineteenth century and first two decades of the twentieth, to illuminate, via the inspection of the decline of mathematical education via folding in kindergartens - how formal work became discredited and eventually, in part, disappeared.

Falling into disuse the rise and fall of Froebelian mathematical folding within British kindergartens.pdf

Where do I Begin? A personal opinion on Bold Beginnings

Mark Hunter gives a personal response to Ofsted's Controversial Bold Beginnings Report from a Froebelian perspective.

Froebel and the occupation of woodwork

"Woodwork is like a symbolic language of shape, form and space. It encompasses a way of working that develops over time as children express their ideas with increasing fluency and complexity. As children tinker and experiment with wood and tools, as they construct and create, and explore narratives these experiences will all contribute to building rich foundations for children’s healthy social, emotional, physical and cognitive development"

Pete Moorhouse presents a fascinating account of this traditional Froebelian activity.

Froebel and the occupation of woodwork.pdf

Ofsted’s Bold Beginnings report on reception class curriculum is flawed

Introducing overly formal teaching practices in the Reception year is a potential disaster for children’s learning, say the signatories to an open letter to the Guardian.​

Alison Hawkins reviews the 2017 Edinburgh Conference

​Over 320 delegates attend the 9th 'Froebel Gifts for our Future' Conference organised by the Edinburgh Froebel Network at the John McIntyre Centre in Edinburgh.

Froebel Networks: The First Gathering

With network members from all over the UK, the first ‘Networks Gathering’ was held in Richmond, SW London, on Saturday 29th April 2017, attended by Froebelians from the various Froebel Networks.