f001 My First Froebel - The Little Froebel Toy Set - REDUCED PRICE:


Designed by Heinrike Schauwecker-Zimmer, this is a lovely 5 box edition of the Little Froebel Toy Set. Perfect as a gift to introduce a child to the pleasures of endless creations based on Froebel's gifts 7, 8, 9 and 10.
Heinrike is a qualified teacher specialising in Froebel pedagogy, and is a popular workshop presenter. She had devised a whole range of materials, or Fröbel Systems which are based on Froebel's original gifts.

Set contains:

1x Triangle Family - 52 Wooden tiles  
1x Square Family -  52 Wooden tiles
1x Sticks, Rings and Circles Family - 64 Wooden tiles
1x Beads Family - 54 Beads 
1x Round Stones Family -  71 Round stones

Usual price £48.95
Very limited stocks!